Born and baked in California in 2020, The Bakery opened its flagship location in Fort Bragg, CA with the goal of serving the community with an extensive menu of specially-prepared cannabis goods. Offering a wide variety of traditional and artisanal selections of whole flower, pre-rolls, extracts, concentrates, edibles, vape oils, tinctures, topicals and specialty items, The Bakery has something to satisfy every appetite.

With a heaping cup of product expertise combined with a few pinches of pure joy that's baked into every one of our team members, we are committed to serving the community with a warm, welcoming experience, guiding every guest through their cannabis journey to discover products that delight the senses and stir the soul while catering to diverse individual tastes.

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We are truly passionate about our work and honored to serve our community. Unwilling to settle for half-baked service, we strive to satisfy every patron with a super-sized serving of energy, enthusiasm, and an expertly curated selection of the best cannabis products that can be found.


Our perfectly seasoned team is dedicated to cooking up a truly tantalizing experience through our unwavering commitment to quality, hospitality, and impeccable service.

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Photo of our staff in action

Together, We Rise

Community minded, service-oriented and committed to excellence, The Bakery is rolling out more stores across California to bring our bountiful buds and more to a town near you. Follow us on Instagram (@thebakeryshopca) for news, store announcements and drop alerts so you can find out where to feast on all the freshly baked goods and full-on fire that's sure to get you toasted.